Your local Recovery Centres in Staffordshire.

Recovery is about moving forward in life; embracing new opportunities, making decisions, learning new skills and taking control so that lives are free from the negative and crippling effects of addiction.

We take recovery seriously at One Recovery Staffordshire (yes, recovery is so fundamental that it is part of our name), we don’t think treatment for alcohol and drug addiction stops when you become abstinent; it’s ensuring you stay abstinent. Once you have completed structured treatment in one our services, you will be signposted to one of the recovery hubs. The whole point of our recovery hubs is to provide activities and courses to make sure you’re able to tackle the next steps in your life with the confidence and knowledge not to worry about your past mistakes, thinking your life won’t be the same without the ‘old crutch’ of alcohol and drugs, and rise to the challenges that you’ll face.

We have 5 Recovery Hubs across Staffordshire to aid in your recovery from substance misuse – select one of our hubs from the drop-down box above to find out about news, updates and events taking place in your local area.

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