The First Donation to One Recovery Staffordshire at Waitrose

We’ve seen the first donation to One Recovery Staffordshire as part of Leek Waitrose’s charity fundraising!Waitrose Leek

On shopping at Waitrose in Leek, every customer will be given a green token to drop into a box of one of three local charities.  At the end of the month, Waitrose will divide £1000 between the three listed charities, with the money shared pro-rata depending on the amount of green tokens that are dropped in their box.

So please tell your friends, colleagues and families that if they are shopping in Waitrose Leek to select One Recovery Staffordshire.

Our One Recovery Staffordshire service in Leek are planning to use any money raised to turn the old ‘top office’ at Leek into a more comfortable workshop room, with a fresh coat of paint and new flooring.  So any donations will make a difference!

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