Understanding your drinking and drug limits.

Hazardous substance use can have serious implications upon our lives; resulting in wide-ranging health issues, problems in our working lives, relationships and can be a precursor to anti-social behaviour. Find out more about the dangers of alcohol and drug use and how to get help and support below.

Alcohol is seen by many as a more socially acceptable drug

However, that is to underestimate its powerful addictive nature and far reaching health and social implications.

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Drugs are addictive substances; you can become physically as well as mentally dependent, in some cases very quickly.

What may start out as an ‘experiment’, or just ‘harmless fun’, can lead to a vicious reliance on drugs, resulting in dependency and addiction.

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Know the facts about substance misuse

Just over one-third (34.7%) of adults aged 16 to 19 have taken drugs at some point during their lifetime.

Know the facts about substance misuse

Psychological and physical alcohol dependence can occur. Tolerance gradually increases so the more you drink on a regular basis, the more you will need to reach the same state.

Know the facts about substance misuse

An estimated 7.5 million people are unaware of the damage their drinking could be causing to their health.

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