One Recovery Bury Launches New Mental Health Programme

Mind Matters Launches in Bury

This week sees the official launch of One Recovery Bury’s ‘Mind Matters’ programme.

Mind Matters is an innovative mental health based programme, and is designed to help clients improve their confidence and emotional wellbeing, with a particular emphasis on learning new skills and coping techniques.

About The Course

This 8-week course provides a range of therapeutic coping skills that enable clients to:

  • understand emotions
  • manage intense emotions such as anxiety and anger
  • manage distress and emotional situations
  • be more mindful and think more flexibly
  • engage in self-care and build happiness in their life
  • communicate effectively and assertively
  • build and strengthen relationships

The skills in the course are designed to be adaptable to each individual’s needs. They enable individuals to build resilience, tolerate distress, manage emotion and improve communication, whilst increasing confidence and self-esteem. Positive mental wellbeing not only improves our lives, but also impacts on those around us. Living a more skilful, less impulsive life can facilitate the re-building of meaningful relationships, contributing to a more fulfilled life.

Why Mental Wellbeing Matters

Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. Addiction can affect every area of an individual’s life and has a negative impact on mental wellbeing. Poor mental wellbeing can also increase chances of relapse. Positive mental wellbeing is essential to a holistic recovery and a good quality of life.

ADS champions whole person care; our services should not just treat an individual’s primary addiction, but should help them with many aspects of their life, from family relationships to health and wellbeing.  Identifying mental health need and working with our clients to help improve this is one such priority, and programmes like Mind Matters can make that difference to our clients’ lives.

If you feel like you could benefit from this programme, please get in touch –, or use our contact page.

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