Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Addiction to Prescription Drugs is a growing, and often understated issue. Although there is no definitive figure to account for those addicted, estimates suggest that over 1 million people could be addicted to prescription drugs in the UK. Many of those addicted could be completely unaware of their addiction – repeatedly taking and increasing their medication in the belief that they need it. However, in reality, their reliance on the medication is becoming entrenched and thus ensuring an all-encompassing addiction.

ADS is passionate about raising awareness of the dangers of addiction to prescription drugs and the need for dedicated treatment services. Without such services we run the risk of millions of people suffering from an addiction which is entirely involuntary, causing lasting damages to their health and limiting their ability to contribute to society.


What does addiction to prescription drugs mean?

Not all prescription drugs are addictive, and in fact, many prescription drugs can be very good for you, however, there are a number of drugs, including, benzodiazepines, tramadol, codeine, amongst others and some anti-depressants that are very addictive, with signs of addiction after only 4 weeks of use, and dependency after 6 weeks.

You could be repeatedly prescribed such drugs due to genuine health concerns, yet, due to their addictive nature you are consequently creating another health problem, needing increased doses of medication which your body becomes reliant on to function, and having side-effects from mood swings and weight gain. Once addicted to such drugs, it can take months, and even years, to halt this addiction – a gradually reduction of medication is needed with guidance from your GP and complementary therapies to address any underlying issues, this should ideally be addressed by a dedicated service.

ADS Bury Addiction to Prescription Drug Service

To meet this evident demand, we have a long standing Addiction to Prescription Drug service in Bury. Based across the communities of Bury, our service is outreach based, working with GP surgeries to provide help and support to those who are suffering from Addiction to Prescription Drugs.

If you think you may have a problem with prescribed medicine or you doctor thinks you need help, ADS will provide the advice and support to help you reduce your prescription drug intake in a tailored withdrawal plan in conjunction with your GP, and offer additional therapies and support treatment such as relaxation techniques and acupuncture.

If you would like more information on the service, or how to get in touch, please contact One Recovery Bury, you can also be referred into the service by your GP.

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